Self-Study vs Coaching Institutes – Making the Choice for JEE

Every year millions of students are preparing for JEE with a dream of getting admissions into the prestigious engineering institutes in India. However, everyone is not lucky enough in achieving their goals. JEE is one of the most competitive and toughest exams at an undergraduate level and cracking JEE is not an easy task. Along with your board exams, you have to prepare for JEE MAIN 2018 and that is why many students look for an extra dose of help for fulfilling their dreams.

In 2016, IIT Delhi published a report stating that around 52% of students who qualified for JEEAdvanced preferred to prepare for JEE by themselves without taking any external help from coaching institutes.



  • They have a pre-designed study model prepared by their experts and you just need to stay focused and follow the plan.
  • They provide their own study materials that cover your entire syllabus.
  • They will keep you updated regarding any changes in the exam pattern and syllabus.
  • There you could interact with hundreds of students who are preparing for the same exam. It helps you to get accustomed to the level of competition and helps you to understand the level of preparation.


  • Most of the teachers in coaching institutes are highly professional and are teaching at a very fast pace to cover up the entire syllabus in a shorter period of time and somehow, if you are unable to cope up with the teaching style then it could cause some serious problems.
  • Admission fees of coaching institutes are generally high which might cause a financial burden on your parents.
  • Coaching institutes generally have the same strategy for everyone and hence they don’t have time to focus on each and every student.



  • Most of the students are not comfortable with the pace of professional coaching institutes and self-study provides them with an option to plan their studies according to their pace. The essential part is that they have to manage their time very carefully and keep testing their abilities through mock tests.
  • Self-study is highly cost-effective and it not only saves your valuable traveling time but also removes your dependence on coaching institutes.
  • Self-study might relieve you from the additional pressure that most of the students suffer in coaching institutes. If you are preparing for JEE MAIN 2019 exam then you have 2 years for your preparation and in 2 years you can prepare yourself for JEE exam by self-study.


  • Self-study requires a lot of discipline and planning and it is a time-consuming process.
  • Coaching institutes provide in-depth study materials and a list of frequently-asked questions and you will not have access to such things while studying alone

We wish you all the best for your preparation.


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