Coaching Classes Vs E-learning – Which Is Better & Why?

With the sheer amount of hype for competitive exams and the different ways to prepare for them, the candidates are often left with a dilemma of what to do and where to study from. Being in the era of smartphones, the task of preparing for competitive exams has been made a whole lot simpler. In that process, E-learning has undermined the effectiveness of other learning methods like self-learning and coaching classes. Let us see in a bit more detail about the features of e-learning and coaching classes and find which one is better for you.

Coaching Classes Vs E-learning – Which Is Better & Why

Worldwide accessibility: Comparing coaching classes and e-learning on the factor of accessibility is a no-brainer. With the advent of the smartphone eon, literally, every candidate has access to a smartphone. With smartphones comes the internet. E-learning provides insurmountable accessibility which just isn’t possible with coaching classes where students have to depend on textbooks and notes for study material.

Also, travelling to and from, from the coaching classes can be quite a loss of time which could’ve been utilized otherwise. E-learning provides the option for you to learn at home, at school or on the beach if that what helps you to study.

Learning Content: This would be another strong point for e-learning. With the types of animations and integrated audio-visual content which can be accessed through digital platforms, students can learn better. Unlike the 2D limitations of the chalkboard or the textbooks, digitized content offers explanations in the 3-dimensional domain.

This helps to send across a better and more easily understandable information which students can understand and memorize easily. Just like how a movie imprints better on your memory than a newspaper article, audio-video content helps students to learn and memorize better. Topics like VSEPR theory can be explained better with e-learning as not much is left to the student’s imagination.

Doubt Clearing: You must think this is where coaching classes shine but I’d say differently. We know that everyone is unique and just like that everyone’s doubts are unique. That is something no program can be prepared for. This requires a human touch to it. Wherein coaching classes offer students the option to go directly ask their coach about something they don’t understand and accordingly get their query cleared.

But there are some limitations here. Coaching classes are generally short, usually 2-3 hours a week. It is quite difficult to clear all your doubts within this timeline. This is where e-learning options do one better. Some applications offer 24/7 chat support to clear doubts and there are even some with dedicated mentor lines to clear your doubts available for a larger time span when compared to the coaching class timeline.

Thus, here we have compared some of the aspects of coaching classes versus its e-learning counterparts. As you can see, with the improvements in technology our needs have been made easier to accomplish.

Making learning and life easier day by day. Be it a topic of chemistry like Bohr atomic model or astrophysics, e-learning offers a better learning approach. To get an idea of how effective e-learning apps are compared to coaching classes, check out this YouTube channel –

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